Was I too soft or was the world too hard?

No conversation can hurt so much and shake every part of the body as a difficult word addressed to myself. I’m too weak, I’m too emotional, weird … I’m just too small. My back can’t handle this much. With these sentences, I begin the third month of this year 2020, which I have guaranteed will be the best so far.

It is not without reason that such a large number of people live on this planet. Man is not created to live on his own, to fight on his own, to cry on his own, to rejoice and to celebrate on his own … It is easier and more beautiful when shared. It is for these reasons that I believe that the world has been deprived of the moment of being close to other people, of hugs, of touch, of physical support. It is forbidden so that a man would finally be grateful for what had been given to him. The people in our lives are not our toys that we will turn off and on when we need it. Because do we have to get all those dolls broken to just realize their value?

Tell people how much they mean to you, ask other people how they are, restore faith to those who have lost it, and let us all show that humanity still exists and that we will come out stronger and more connected.

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