Definition of success

We have always been interested in what success means and what does failure mean.

We are curious about when and whether we will ever know if we are successful and we are interested in speaking for ourselves that we failed at something?

We try to find answers in different places, from books, posts, websites, youtube, to conversations with others. Psychological literature offers a simple but very demanding answer, which is that the definition of success and failure does not necessarily exist, but that everyone has their definition of what it means to be successful and what means to be unsuccessful. Psychologically speaking, success and failure are the subjective definitions and evaluations that each person has for themselves and that differ from person to person.

Example 1: Person A considers himself or herself successful if his or her interpersonal relationships are satisfactory, if they have pleasant emotions and if they have a person they can rely on. If their relationship is stable and if they are fulfilled in a relationship. Person A, namely, defines success based on interpersonal relationships because it is what that person values the most.

Example 2: Person B considers herself successful if his or her career is ascending. If he or she gets promoted, if they get better and more professional in his job day by day. If they have financial security if they have enough money to dispose of. So, person B thinks for himself that is successful when his or her career is going well and when she has satisfactory finances.

To sum up, every person has the right to define for himself what success means to him. The universal definition of a successful person does not exist. There is nothing everyone should adhere to. It’s a success a person’s subjective assessment of what is important to him. The answer to what it means to be successful is in you. Books can direct you but the only right thing is to answer to yourself on the question: When do you feel successful? When answering this question, start doing it as if you have no judgment towards your vision of success. The first step is to become aware of your definition of success. When you can explain to yourself what success means to you, you have to direct your energy towards achieving that goal.

At the end after all, it is only important that you consider yourself to have succeeded.

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