Police officer lives and works with empathy

“Yeah, I’m cop and I’m in the military. But at the end of the day I am a father, a brother, a husband… I am Jose. ”

Jose Burga definitely did not have the life that pampered him. In his early years he had to make important decisions, both for his own and for his younger brother’s life. A man in his own right nature is not perfect and it is okay to make mistakes and make bad decisions but try not to repeat the same ones. Jose made the decision to leave his younger brother with his mom and return to Peru. “Leaving him here with my mom wasn’t the right thing,” he said.

Shorthly after, he meets his wife Pascale, who made the decision to stay “much easier”. He wanted to join the Army, but he and Pascale also wanted to start a family. “We agreed if she was pregnant I was not going to leave. She got pregnant and I never joined, ”Jose said. “It was not meant to be. ”

As the years went by, Jose’s desire to serve his country and be part of something bigger was growing stronger and his wife noticed that. At his wife’s urging, he enlisted in the state’s National Guard on the Homeland Emergency Response Force. Then, in 2016, he became a Weymouth police officer fulfilling a lifelong dream and following in the footsteps of his father.

When someone loves something as much as Jose loved being the kind of person who will in some kind of way have the power, voice and relationships that will help other people and leave positive traces in their lives, then it all makes sense. He is an advocate of change and believes in that is good in people and for the same reason he was a true representative of his theory of a better world. Because one man can certainly make a difference, whether it is a small or a big change, as long as it is positive, that’s the only thing that matters.

”Compassion and empathy. That is what I really try to do. Every time I go to a call I try to empathize with people ”he said.
“Yeah, I’m cop and I’m in the military,” he said. “But at the end of the day I am a father, a brother, a husband… I am Jose. That’s something I don’t forget. We are all people and we just got to help each other. ”

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