Demi Lovato

Sometimes we listen to a ballad, or a song that has a sad story and is full of pain that the singer conveys unrealistically well. The way that each person can feel the identical emotion that the artist is feeling. Is it just a good singer then or is it a life story of the person singing it.

Demi Lovato is a great example of a singer that with a voice is able to touch hearts of people and successfully transfer intended feeling. The world’s best vocals have always been said that what sets them apart from the average ones is the pain they experienced which shaped their vocals. Because we can all sing, but only the few can touch our souls.

Demi’s fight began at a young age in a school where she was the victim of a verbal bullying by a group of girls. The highlight of their harassment was when one girl in particular made a petition for Lovato to kill herself. She had to find a door to escape and safe herself from bullying. She found her rescue in a friendship with one of the “popular” girls who encouraged her to start dating, drinking and that is when she had first contact with drugs. All of this just to blend in with society and not to be bullied by her peers. Because of that same drug and alcohol, she will soon become addicted and will experience the darkest period of her life and the greatest struggle. But in fact, the essence itself was not the society for which she had so much experimented with alcohol. It was her father, who was an alcohol addict and had chosen alcohol before family. During that period she struggled to find answers and wanted to understand what was so valuable to him, more valuable than her and their home. It is a path full of thorns and struggle to the last breath and the last drop of common sense. The voice that screams and seeks salvation. It is a path that cannot be ignored because it hurts too much.

“You really have to lean into the people that are trying to help you, support you,” Lovato says. “You really have to surrender because that’s when the change is gonna happen.”

Demi is 25 now and she’s clean. The years behind her will never be able to return, but that is okay, because she came out of everything as a winner with many lessons that she wants to pass on to the world because she knows that even today, someone is going through their darkest period and is looking for a door to salvation.

This is the story of the popular Demi Lovato whose fame and fortune could not pay her way out of the dark period. She had to find the way out by herself.

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