Saying “Thank you” as part of empathy lessons

What grade student has in the school is not a parameter for evaluating him or her as what kind human he or she is. The time has come for these institutions to enhance the development of empathy, humanity,
respect and understanding.

One example is Eton College, which started teaching its students to say “thank you” as the main and new focus on how to develop empathy.

It all started at the initiative of the students and professors themselves, who answered with “empathy” to the question which value they would like the school to promote.

The good news is that empathy can develop and learn.
“You don’t have to be hugely privileged to be grateful — all of us can be grateful.” Jonnie Noukes, Eton’s teaching head says.

This sentence definitely tells us about the mission this school is pursuing within its institution as well as the vision that the students themselves will later on carry and teach others.


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