Our story

Be empathy is an idea that was born late at night on a February 1st, 2019 in an apartment of Jovan Simic who was in that moment with his friend Petar Kovac. That very evening, these two young boys used their imagination, expertise and a good will to leave a mark on this world, as well as to be initiators of making a change. To make an idea and have the concrete product the very next day was impossible. It was a road that they took, full of challenges, sacrifises, lessons, beliefes..

Jovan and Petar believed so strongly in this idea that every penny that they had, they kept safe so that they can invest in this project when needed. Practicaly they were their own investors when it was the hardest to keep believing.

In May, 2019 Jovan’s sister Jovana joined the team and with her knowladge, mainly focused on management, started building a culture inside and outside of a BE organisation.

Finally, the last member Teodora Relota, joined that same year in June. She helped as find a way to separate us from other apps with her creativity and innovativeness.

November 6th, 2019, our idea became way bigger then our imagination. On this they, BE became an organisation that in that moment counted 12 volunteers.

There are 4 teams.
Programming team with Petar Kovač in charge has Nikola Knežević, Nikola Smiljanski, Mirela, Mitar Perović and Nemanja Jovičić.
Psychological team with Jovan Simić in charge has Anja Zelenbaba, Danilo Đukanović and Dunja Marcikić.
Creative innovations team with Teodora Relota in charge has Nikola Ćurčić and Anđela, with a little help from Jovana Simić, when needed.

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