I am a time traveler. Are you?

We are at an age where no one thinks of asking us who we want to be. What happened to the astronauts, magicians and race car drivers. What happened to the impossible? We didn’t know it was the impossible. It was all possible. Imagine the impossible being your everyday. Where would the world be? Where would our friends and families be? Where would we be? The moon? A parallel universe? Happy?

…I’m sorry, I got carried away. I know, I know it’s impossible. And that’s okay. The limit exists. There is a line that can’t be breached. But somehow, someway, maybe. All it takes a spark, a pinch, a kiss, and you are magic.

But you can still be an impossible.

Time rushes past us constantly and we are always on a mission to keep up with it. Barely ever caught up in the moment. And you think you can never go back.

That’s where we are wrong. From this moment,
all of us,
we are all time travelers.

In a flash.

All you have to do, is to remember to say “cheese”

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