Does infinite love exists?

Everyone in this world have at least one person who is a perfect partner for them. Some of them meet before, some after. And some we can not even meet before we get in touch with other people whos task was to teach you something so that we become smarter and more experienced when the right person comes.

My point is that you should never lose a hope in love. A hope in friendship or honest intentions.

When we try hard to be the best possible version of ourselves for the person that came in to our life, the in return we will get just the same from that person, if not more, or sometimes on the other hand, way less.

When we get less, we have to realize that it is time for us to turn around and leave. It is a question of how much do you respect yourself that you will fail to answer if you continue to stay there for a person who is not even trying to be there for you.

Your partner should be your friend first, because when you have a friend, you have support, your shoulder for crying and for laughing.

Everything is better in two, and when you build a relatioship in that way, then it will grow to be an infinite love.

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