The place where I get all the answers

I close my eyes and I wonder..

I feel peace, the sound of birds chirping and leaves falling with every step that I take.

Slowly, I lay down and I feel the heat coming from the ground making me warm. It is like mother covering her child because it forgot to cover itself.

Weakness and pain are moving through my body trying to find their way while the ground underneath me is forcing them to stop. It is like the floor is kissing me and saying that I will be stronger and that I am already strong because I am admitting and accepting my weakness.

That is my place. That is my peace and you should not be ashamed if you have yours. I do not go there just when I am sad. I go there when I am happy as well just because I want to share a piece of my smile with that place. And other times I just have to take thorns off of a rose by myself.

That is a place where I learn the most after which I open my eyes and the world around me is not black and white any more.

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