Do I have real friendships?

Every person is like one piece of a puzzle that on first look seems like it is unique and independent, but if you add one more puzzle by her side that is going to match perfectly with all of her curves, then you will get something bigger, stronger and more beautiful.

There is a whole bunch of people in this world for a reason. We are there for each other. To hug someone when it is needed. To listen and ask. To never ignore a problem, but to confront it. To be open, honest and to be a friend that you alone would wish for.

I do not say it is easy. Honesty and openness sometimes hurt, but it can only make your relationships with people better.

Do not listen just so you can give an answer. Listen so you can put yourself in a place that person is right now, so you can understand why your friend is feeling like that and feel the emotion.

Do not look from your own angle if you do not expect the same kind of behavior from your friend when you are in that situation.

Not all of us are the same and that is totally okay. That is the beauty.

It is time for us to learn to grow on a spiritual level and accept it.

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