Take a second look. One may not be enough

I am not what you see when you look at me for the first time. It is just a small part of my magic. I am much more then what is on the outside.

I do not want to talk about my inside beauty because you have to feel it yourself. First time when you actually meet me and you see everything that is untouchable and unvisible, what is on the outside is going to be just a bonus, but not the whole of my soul.

I have built a love for myself and, regularly, I take care of all the flowers that are growing inside. I am so happy to be just as I am right now.

Do not think I am haughty. I am not. After many years of pain and rejecting myself for feeling that way, I came to this moment where I am right now when I want for you to say it to yourself as well. How you treat and look at yourself, that is how other people will do as well to you. Change is possible if you are ready for action.

Join me.

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