Take a deep breath, everything is going to be fine

Thousand times I have caught myself looking at the floor while tears are streaming down my face one after another until I finally deside to wipe them off.

In that moment, I realise that I am the one taking matters into my own hands. I am the one who is deciding to hold my head up high. Inside all of us there is a voice, our voice that we have to turn up to a higher volume. We should listen to every word, wish, emotion and use it as a guide through our life.

When at night you are not sleeping because chocking from pain, your body is cramping and you are sobbing into the pillow. Are you really alone then? Or there is another person just as week as you are who is ready to hug yoiu and go through all of that with you.

You are never alone. There is always your reflection in the mirror. So ask yourself, how much do you actually respect the person you see in that reflection?

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