Create a common understanding and clear vision of your project

Working in multi-disciplinary teams is strongly encouraged when developing valuable products or services. Nevertheless, bringing different minds together does not guarantee it will serve the customer needs. In order to run a successful project it is important to organize the project-structure in a way that the best possible solution will be designed, based on the input of all the stakeholders. I accepted the challenge of creating circumstances for teams to work most effectively and from where they can attract different stakeholders into their development process. I call it the Bee Box.

The Bee Box is a tool to enable teams to go through the whole innovation process, from empathy to business pitching. Forcing them to priorities, visualize and optimize different aspects of the project will create a common understanding of the project-structure. With the use of the Bee Box the teams will be able to interact with their project-structure in order to set goals, divide and conquer, engage new stakeholders and to receive input from their customer segment.

The Bee Box is a step-by-step approach to innovation based on interaction and visualization. The goal of the Bee Box is to provide a basic structure which enables the teams to improvise. Limiting teams in their way of working will only effect their progress in a negative way, but with the use of the Bee Box the teams can decide themselves when and how to use it.

The Bee Box used for visualizing different aspects of the project. where am I now? Where do I want to go? What problem am I solving and for who?

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