Create a common understanding and clear vision of your project

Bee Box

The Bee Box is a tool to enable teams as well as individuals to go through the whole innovation process, from empathy to business pitching. Based on the input of each individual the structure of the project can be designed. It will help teams to priorities, visualize and obtimize different aspects of the project. To run a successfull project it is important to understand what the other team members find important, what are their skills and how this can be used most effectively. And what about the end-user, the people who are actually going to use your product or service? A clear understanding of the end-user is key to a succesfull project.

By interacting with the tool the teams will create a common understanding of the project, a clear vision of what the end-user needs, and how those needs can be served. The Bee Box contains several elements, each element representing one phase in the innovation process. Using a Bee as a metaphor for this tool will help you to better understand what the tool can do.

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